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TranXlan is a workshop-laboratory organised by Tabakalera with the collaboration of the San Telmo Museum, Nekrogune and the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival. Its objective is to carry out a collaborative transmedia project.

TranXLan aims to create an environment of experimentation and learning through the collaborative creation of an audiovisual, multimedia and interactive project in which the traditional roles of teacher/pupil and expert/learner are abandoned in favour of launching a collective creative process which stresses teamwork, fresh ideas and proposals, as well as a break from conventional narratives.

Through an open call for participation, we created a variety of multidisciplinary workgroups that met up for ten days in September in order to create and produce a joint project, assisted by professionals from a range of different fields. The results of the workshop was presented during the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, and was featured as one of the activities in the Nekrogune programme, which runs parallel to the festival.

You can check the result here: ARG Bost Haurrak