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Because of the digitization and media convergence we are in flux: the different roles of traditional audiovisual creation, the relations of developers, users and content are changing every day. In this new context, new and different content are created and both attitude and behavior of users is different. Through this research project, we will analyze the products that are born around a transmedia ecosystem, beginning with its character and immersing in its structure and production, with the clear intention to deepen in their socialization.

To develop the research project Creation, production and use of transmedia content, three public institutions of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU, EITB and Tabakalera) join forces to dive into the productive, cultural and social implications and challenges of transmedia.

General objectives:

  • Working continuously redefining the theoretical principles of the creation, production, use and diffusion of transmedia content.
  • Deeping into the evolution of transmedia content and attitudes that have existed throughout the history of audiovisual media, above all, to immerse yourself in the most interesting experiences that have occurred after the digitalization, especially those that have been developed in multilingual and multicultural environments.
  • Analyze transmedia products and incidentally, promote interdisciplinarity in the audiovisual sector.
  • Assist in the difussion of knowledge about transmedia and by the use of that transfer of knowledge promote co-creation of creative artists, audiovisual industry and users.

Within the general objectives, we want to get three more specific goals:

  • Create a catalog of the most significant transmedia products and feed it constantly. In addition, at the same time, we will try to keep an updated catalog of consulting companies and research groups that are working in this area.
  • Define the parameters to analize transmedia content case studies; previously defining all principles to cope with the deep analysis, including: creation, financing / production, audience / use and supports.
  • Open a complete platform of knowledge transfer: using Transbideak website, workshops, specialized courses and / or workshops

The benefits that wants to get the research project Creation, production and use of transmedia content are of three types:

1Collect the experiences and theoretical and practical knowledge which are dispersed. At the same time that becomes deeper through the current situation of the topic, also deeping into the content production, transmission and the theoretical analysis of the reception. Making our own contribution to the definition of transmedia.

2We will explain what are the principles and strengths of each case study. In order to perform that task, we will design an original taxonomy through which we will classify projects. Once developed this guide, we will cope the choice of case studies and practical work of analysis. But we won´t just limit ourselves to the observation, we will also approach the realization of a case.

3For the first time, three public institutions -UPV-EHU, EITB and Tabakalera- join forces in a research project. These three entities that are fully involved in audiovisual content creation, transmission and social diffusion, have seen an interesting opportunity for a cooperatively deepening in this emerging type of communication.