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Korrika transmedia proiektua aurkeztuko dugu Bartzelonan burutuko den Transmedia Literacy jardunaldian, datorren abenduaren 10ean.

Jardunaldian, kasu azterketez gain, transmedia ikerketarako metodologiak ere aurkeztuko dira. Hauxe jardunaldiko egitaraua:


9.00 to 9.45: Registration (IN3 – MediaTIC building, 7th Floor)

9.45:  Presentation of the Seminar

10.00: Keynote – Derrick de Kerckhove: Connective Intelligence from Writing to the Web

10.45: Paper sessions

Session A1: Transmedia research methodologies and analysis. Chair: R. Koskimaa

  • Alzamora, G., Tárcia, L. –  Proposed methodology for analysis of transmedia news stories. Study of the Globo Television’s Flutuador Project
  • Ciancia, M. – Transmedia Design Framework. Design oriented approach to Transmedia Research
  • Lugo Rodríguez, N. – A case for Interactive Story Creation as Transmedia Literacy Promotor

Session B1: Local intercreativity and transmedia storytelling. Chair: G. Di Rosario

  • Martínez-García, L. – Representation of the Catalan context in the early transmediatisation of ‘Plats Bruts’ sitcom
  • Edorta, A., Mimenza, L., Narbaiza, B. – Korrikaa. A research in progress of a transmedia project
  • Antunes, R. – Blue pencil: experiences in transmedia

11.45: Coffee break

12.00: Keynote – Raine Koskimaa: Playing with Time in New Media Fiction

12.45: Paper Session

Session A2: Transmedia literature and cross-narratives. Chair: A. Lopez-Varela

  • Bonacho, F. – Alice’s anima. Or the obligation of a reading transliteracy
  • Scelzi, R. – LIS-poetry as a new cultural production. Signs of transmediality
  • Iadevaia, R. – E-Taly: e-poetry in Italy. Birth, development, pride and prejudice (What does e-poetry mean? And why it continues to create difficulties and misunderstandings in the Italian audience?)
  • Tavares, S. – Author, text and the surroundings. Transtextuality in digital peritexts and author presentation

Session B2: New audiences and sustainable (trans)media. Chair D. De Kerckhove

  • Bazzarin, V. – Is the community a medium? Is ‘That’s me!’ the message? (The story of #Placevent: we are using social media to hack the academy)
  • Amorós-Poveda, L. – CINEMA.TIC. Interactive city as interpersonal communication with ICT
  • Pedranti, G. – Friends, partners & Co: a sustainable model for the media?
  • Coelho, P. – Games and advergames: a new type of interactive narrative and transnarrative in the digital universe

14.05: Free Lunch

15.30: Keynote – Asun López-Varela: Comparative Literature and Transmedia Poetics: from analogue to digital formats

16.15: Paper session

Session C: Best practices and transmedia experiences. Chair C. A. Scolari

  • San Cornelio, G., Roig Telo, A. – Being lucky.  Transmedia and co-creation practices in music videos.
  • Berga, Q., Minguillón, J. – ‘I am’. An online short-film editing machine with a fixed structure and pseudo-infinite combinations (An artistic artifact to reflect on the violent balance between humans and technologies today)
  • Galindo Fontán, D., Tacoronte Santana, Y., Aguilera Enciso, S. – Chronos: a transmedia educational project at the Museo Naval in Madrid. Exploring transmedia to engage children in the museum

17.15: Coffee break

17.30: Keynote – Carlos A. Scolari: Towards an Archeology of Transmedia Storytelling

18.15: Roundtable

18.30: Remarks & Farewell

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